Our Story.

Hi ya! 👋 Thanks for checking us out. We are Koon and Tyler, founders of this wee small business, ducking hell.

ducking hell. started off as a fun idea during the August 2021 lockdown. Our goal is to spread joy and laughter through brutal, no-frills, no-chill words. And what a better way of doing that than through greeting cards!

We officially launched in May 2022, selling brutally honest greeting cards online and at markets around Auckland.

Even though we both work full time, ducking hell. is keeping us hella busy after work and on the weekends.

We’d love to take this business to the next level! So whether it’s your first time browsing today, or you’ve been a long-time customer, we just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for supporting us and our wee business.

Founders of ducking hell. Greeting Cards at the craft market stall in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Love that it matched my sarcasm
    Kerry23 December 2023
  • Ducking hilarious 🤣 a couple of Christm Ducking hilarious A couple of suggestions…… ho fucking ho and it’s your birthday? Whoopty freaking fucking do! Not original
    Leigh Michelle Phillips26 October 2023
  • Love it, can't wait to give it. Delivered within the week.
    Sue25 October 2023
  • Great. I loved it so did he.
    Jay3 September 2023
  • Is brilliant
    MP5 July 2023
  • Is brilliant
    MP5 July 2023
  • Is brilliant
    MP5 July 2023
  • Is brilliant!
    MP5 July 2023
  • It’s fcuking awesome
    Martin P28 May 2023
  • Quick delivery. Awesome, creative cards. It is always hard to pick from such a great variety. Will happily purchase more in the future. Thank you
    Gemma13 May 2023
  • Mother loved it! Just buy it she'll like it
    Ariaana22 March 2023
  • Good gift for sibling. Got this for my sister she loved it and thought it was hilarious
    Ariaana22 March 2023
  • Got this and love it! Fast shipping too! Just buy it you'll like it
    Ariaana22 March 2023
  • Perfect card for a special birthday for a mate
    Rebecca16 March 2023
  • Now this one I think is awesome. Have to wait till the end of the month to see if the recipient feels the same way.
    Annette M13 March 2023
  • Love the cards - can’t wait to use them!
    Simon B13 March 2023
  • This is my sense of humour so people will know it’s from me before they even open it. I’m a huge fan of non PC.
    Rachel H17 August 2022
  • Great card. Will be put away for older sisters birthday. Have to wait and see if I'm still welcome in her house.
    Annette M8 August 2022
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